Eurodispenser 3 flex

for the application of hand disinfectants, wash and skin care lotions directly at the point-of-care or in the near-patient zone

Most flexible and robust stainless steel holder for usage directly at the point of care.

BODE Eurospender 3 flex
  • reliable, robust dispenser made of stainless steel
  • multiple fastening options directly at the point of care without needing any accessories
  • clamp can be turned 360°, fits on surfaces and tubular frame
  • clamp can be flexibly positioned at the back, at the bottom and at angled positions without removing it from the dispenser
  • suitable for 500 ml or 1000 ml BODE bottles
  • easy installation and repositioning without tool
  • no damage on surfaces and maximum stability due to scratch protection
  • easy cleaning and handling, fast and easy bottle exchange
  • dispenser completely autoclavable
  • pumps separately available












For application possibilities please have a look at the video.


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