Sterillium® med

The hand disinfectant with virucidal efficacy within hygienic hand disinfection. Featuring the proven Sterillium skincare complex. Colourant- and fragrance-free.

Sterillium® med
  • comprehensively active including virucidal activity within application time for hygienic hand disinfection
  • increases skin hydration with regular use1)
  • very good skin tolerability
  • possesses an excellent immediate effect
  • colourant- and fragrance-free

Areas of application
Sterillium med is suitable for hygienic and surgical rub-in hand disinfection. With regular use, Sterillium med increases skin hydration.1) Sterillium med is free from colourants and fragrances and thus is particulary suitable for users with sensitive skin.

Thanks to its highly efficient formula with 85% ethanol, Sterillium med provides full virucidal activity (incl. norovirus) within hygienic hand disinfection and thus is ideally suitable for year round infection prevention.


1) Reece, B. RCTS (2016): Evaluating the Effect of a Hand Sanitizer Using an Exaggerated Handwash Method

Application Tool:
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