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The Three Elements of Hand Hygiene:
Skin Care, Hand Disinfection and Cleansing

Well balanced hand hygiene programme.
To protect health care practitioner’s hands.


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Liquid, gel or foam?

Choosing the right product for hygienic hand disinfection




Surgical Hand Disinfection with Sterillium

A best practice document




Multi-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Clinical importance, pathogenic profile, hygiene management


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Surface Disinfection


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About the RKI

Robert Koch-Institute


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Hygienic Hand Disinfection

(DIN A4)


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A) Safe Hands at work

(DIN A4)


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B) Safe Hands at work

(DIN A4)


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A) 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene

(DIN A4)


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(Original DIN A2)


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Enveloped Viruses

(Original DIN A2)


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Non Enveloped Viruses

(Original DIN A2)


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Test Viruses

(Original DIN A2)


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Surgical Hand Disinfection 1.5 min.

(DIN A4)


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MRSA decolonisation of bed-ridden patients

(DIN A4)


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Manual reprocessing of dosing dispensers used with hand disinfectants or wash lotions

(DIN A4)


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