Products with yeasticidal activity


Hand Disinfection Sterillium®
  Sterillium® classic pure
  Sterillium® med
  Sterillium® Gel
  Sterillium® Gel pure
  Manusept® basic
  Manusept® soft



Skin Antisepsis Cutasept® F
  Cutasept® G
Antimicrobial Body Cleansing Stellisept® med
  Stellisept® med foam
  Stellisept® med gloves
Special Product Skin Cutasept® feet



Manual Instrument Disinfecting Cleaning Bomix® plus
  Korsolex® plus
  Korsolex® med AF
Manual Instrument High-Level Disinfection Korsolex® extra
  Korsolex® basic
  Korsolex® PAA
  Korsolex® ready to use
Chemothermal Reprocessing of Endoscopes Korsolex® Endo-Disinfectant
Special Products Dental
Korsolex® Bohrerbad
  Mikrobac® dent



Surface Disinfection Ready-to-use Solutions Bacillol® AF
  Bacillol® 30 Foam
  Bacillol® plus
Surface Disinfection Pre-soaked Tissues Bacillol® 30 Tissues
  Bacillol® AF Tissues
  Bacillol® Tissues
  Bacillol® Wipes
  Mikrobac® Tissues
  Kohrsolin® FF Tissues
  Kohrsolin® extra Tissues
Surface Disinfection Concentrates Dismozon® plus
  Mikrobac® forte
  Mikrobac® food
  Kohrsolin® FF
  Kohrsolin® extra
Sterile Surface Disinfection
Dismozon® pur steril